I started working with Luka nearly a month ago & my experience with her has been amazing thus far. I came to Luka for timeline therapy to work through some limiting beliefs I had about myself & negative emotions buried from childhood trauma that was keeping me from moving forward. I have found the therapy itself simple to work through & can understand clearly how I can apply these methods in the future again if needed. Luka has not only demonstrated a professional & comfortable experience for me, but she has also been so kind & caring in the process. She has done this by checking in regularly & making sure I am getting the absolute best out of my timeline & ensuring Im always moving forward reminding myself of why I started. I couldn’t thank Luka enough & highly recommend her to anyone.

Just thought I’de share that I’ve officially hit my biggest month in sales since starting my biz less than 3 months ago. After a donut month in June, I promised myself I would make up for it this month.. 2 weeks in & i’ve already cracked a PB writing $6,670 in sales. What’s even more exciting though is, It’s the most in “flow” & stress free that I’ve ever been! The 4 new timeline clients I have are my ideal clients & I’m excited to work with them.
Hailey, Melbourne