About Me

Hello, I'm Luka

My name is Luka, I am a proud mum to a gorgeous 3 year old little girl, Wynter. A wildly passionate business woman and bit of a geek when it comes to studying the mind.  

I have dedicated the last few years of my life to becoming the most authentic version of me, and enriching the relationships I have both personally and professionally.

I have created a lifestyle for myself and my family which 
means I am able to support them both emotionally, physically and financially and give us the freedom and flexibility to create work life balance.

I am a passionate mumpreneur who helps women create a stronger mindset to be able to support their growth in starting and running their very own 6 figure business and ensure they are creating not just a business, but also a lifestyle too based on their desires. 

"I realised how important it was to share my learnings with those who were seeking 'more' from life."

Since having my daughter at 22 my entire life changed and after becoming a single mum when she was just 4 weeks old I knew I had to make some serious moves to up level my life, my mindset and my money story so I could provide for my gorgeous little girl the best I could. This to me didn’t just mean financially, although that plays a major role in it, I also want to demonstrate to her healthy relationships that are filled with honesty and most importantly love. I want to guide her through her vital years and teach her how important it is to value herself and be happy within herself. While discovering this I also realised how much I needed to do this for not just her, but for myself too. 

I was living such an unfulfilling life and I always new I wanted more, I just never new where to start. Along my own path of discovery and healing I realised how important it was to share my learnings with those who were seeking ‘more’ from life. 

My Core Values

These are the core values that I live and breathe by to create a life of true fulfilment and purpose:



I started working with Luka nearly a month ago & my experience with her has been amazing thus far. I came to Luka for timeline therapy to work through some limiting beliefs I had about myself & negative emotions buried from childhood trauma that was keeping me from moving forward. I have found the therapy itself simple to work through & can understand clearly how I can apply these methods in the future again if needed. Luka has not only demonstrated a professional & comfortable experience for me, but she has also been so kind & caring in the process. She has done this by checking in regularly & making sure I am getting the absolute best out of my timeline & ensuring Im always moving forward reminding myself of why I started. I couldn’t thank Luka enough & highly recommend her to anyone.

Just thought I’de share that I’ve officially hit my biggest month in sales since starting my biz less than 3 months ago. After a donut month in June, I promised myself I would make up for it this month.. 2 weeks in & i’ve already cracked a PB writing $6,670 in sales. What’s even more exciting though is, It’s the most in “flow” & stress free that I’ve ever been! The 4 new timeline clients I have are my ideal clients & I’m excited to work with them.

– Hailey, Melbourne

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