Hey I'm luka rose

I'm A Business and Mindset Coach

Are you ready to up-level your business skills and ready to turn that side gig or new biz into your fulltime income?

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I specialise in helping online coaches hit their first 6 figures

I am on a mission to help determined female business owners tap into their infinite potential as leaders, through fully embodying their truth and true alignment so that they can amplify their 6 figure business and live their life to their truest potential.


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Are you ready to up-level your business skills and ready to turn that side gig or new biz into your full time income?

About Me

Hello, I'm Luka

My name is Luka, I am a proud mum to a gorgeous 3 year old little girl, Wynter. A wildly passionate business woman and bit of a geek when it comes to studying the mind.  

I have dedicated the last few years of my life to becoming the most authentic version of me, and enriching the relationships I have both personally and professionally.

I have created a lifestyle for myself and my family which means I am able to support them both emotionally, physically and financially and give us the freedom and flexibility to create work life balance.

I am a passionate mumpreneur who helps women create a stronger mindset to be able to support their growth in starting and running their very own 6 figure business and ensure they are creating not just a business, but also a lifestyle too based on their desires.

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” I am so incredibly grateful to have crossed paths with Luka the way I have and I couldn’t recommend her enough. She has helped me transform my life and my business so much and I have grown so much as a person and as a business owner. Luka is so kind and she goes above and beyond for me, I always know I can come to her for anything and she will always be there to guide me through it all. She’s helped me let go of things that weren’t serving me and I have been able to build a stronger mindset with her honesty and guidance. Luka has literally helped me change my life and I’m so grateful “

– Natalie Cook